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Fashion Update: Anne’s Aunt Dorothy saves the day.

I figure if you can’t have fun with cancer, what’s the point of having it? When I learned the chemo would prevent me from going out in the sun unless I was fully covered, it created a fashion crisis.  What … Continue reading

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Fu Man Chu and hair loss.

There are a lucky few who get through chemo without losing all their hair.  I was hoping to be one of them.  It’s not going to happen. I have this habit of running my fingers through my beard.  About a … Continue reading

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Bonus Days – Another week without Picard.

The super duper chemo treatment that was scheduled for today got postponed for a week. It seems my white blood cell count is still a bit on the low side.  Not low enough to cause me to be ultra vulnerable … Continue reading

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A six day vacation from Picard.

We had been planning on getting away for a few days to our house in LaGrande. A few days before we intended to leave I developed a mouth sore.  This didn’t particularly concern me because I often get mouth sores … Continue reading

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Picard gets another refill.

We took Picard in for his weekly refill and to get my blood tested. My white blood cell count was a little low.  This means I shouldn’t shower in the sneeze of someone with a bad cold.  Which is not … Continue reading

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The challenge of summer clothing.

When you’re six foot three, and 200 pounds, buying clothes is a huge challenge. I’m too big for regular sizes but too small for “Big and Tall”.  Regular size shirts won’t tuck in and look goofy left untucked.  Regular shirts … Continue reading

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Picard gets a refill.

Wednesday we took Picard in for a fill up.  He’s now loaded with fresh chemo for another week of 24/7 cancer killing action. While we were at Pacific Oncology we learned from my blood work that I was dehydrated.  In … Continue reading

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The pump has a name.

After much agonizing, I have chosen a pump name. It is “Picard”. Congratulations Candace.  You’re suggestion has been selected. I didn’t choose Picard out of a love for Captain Jean-Luc Picard, or Patrick Stewart, but because Picard was the only … Continue reading

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The 1st super duper chemo treatment.

Every three weeks I get a super duper chemo treatment that is substantially more intense than my ongoing 24/7 routine.  This weekend was the first of those treatments. I was repeatedly cautioned that these treatments would be unusually nasty and … Continue reading

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The Borg exposed.

The picture on the left is of a Borg initiate without his rubber jump suit.  If the Federation had seen this picture they would have stopped fearing the Borg. The picture has a vague similarity to what I look like … Continue reading

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