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I’m prepped for the alien invasion.

As I mentioned previously, if aliens infect Earth with a deadly virus a high white blood cell count could immunize me from their dastardly intentions.  Being immune I would be free to mount a super hero offense, saving humanity. I … Continue reading

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Super Duper Chemo can get nasty.

There are times in this treatment process where it’s difficult to find much that is funny or even amusing.  This is particularly true after the Super Duper Chemo treatments. Since the Super Duper treatment last Wednesday I’ve felt pretty awful. … Continue reading

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Slice and dice – choosing a surgeon.

Now that I’m nearing the end of the chemo it’s time to give serious thought to a final choice of a surgeon. We’ve already narrowed it down to two.  Dr. Cook and Dr Tseng. Dr. Cook is a traditional surgeon … Continue reading

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Third Super Duper Chemo Done.

Yesterday I had the third round of super duper chemo.  This will be the last super duper one for the first series.  After this, I will have several more Picard refills to do, then I’ll be done with round one. … Continue reading

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Another week of good news.

We went in to get Picard refilled again.  My blood work was great.  The red blood cell count is back to normal and those pesky white cells are still looking good. Those $5999.99 white cell booster shots seem to do … Continue reading

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Picard gets another refill.

In about three days I will be half way through my first nine weeks of chemo.  So far it has gone better than I ever dreamed. Perhaps dream is the wrong word, unless it’s dream as in nightmare.  But as … Continue reading

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Chemo is turning me grey, sort of.

The chemo is turning me into an old man.  No, wait.  I already was an old man.  The chemo is just making it more obvious I am an old man. Drats! Anne pointed out the chemo is causing my darker … Continue reading

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I got the big $5999.00 shot after all.

On Friday I got my $5999.00 shot.  I blew it, at least in terms of faking being a rich guy. I was going to use it as an opportunity to savor the ambiance of the wealthy.  I would nonchalantly say … Continue reading

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Super Duper Chemo – Round Two

I wrote a blog post after my first Super Duper Chemo treatment saying I was so wrung out I couldn’t find any humor in the situation. I speculated that after a good nights sleep I would probably feel a lot … Continue reading

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