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Change in date and venue of surgery.

Dr. Tseng suggests we switch the surgery from St. Vincent to Good Samaritan Hospital and from Thursday September 16th to Monday September 20th. He gave two reasons. He is more comfortable working with the staff at Good Samaritan because they … Continue reading

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Guest blogger

Hi – this is Marcia, Gary’s sister-in-law.  While he is off having fun in the hospital in a few weeks, I have been asked to be a guest blogger – in other words to post to this blog to keep … Continue reading

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The CAT scan results were fine.

The CAT scan results didn’t turn up anything nasty. We didn’t think they would, but it’s nice to have that confirmed.  If I had it to do over I probably would have skipped this test.  After the very positive results … Continue reading

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More good news!

We just got the results of the biopsy from the endoscopic ultrasound. The results were negative!  There were no cancer cells! I will still need the stomach surgery to remove any possible microscopic cancer cells, but the biopsy not finding … Continue reading

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Another endoscopic ultrasound test.

Today I went in for another endoscopic ultrasound test. This is the test where they take a garden hose with a camera taped to the end of it and cram it down your throat. And they say doctors don’t have … Continue reading

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Picard takes a vacation.

Today I completed my first round of chemo. Picard is taking a well deserved vacation from me, which he totally deserves.  He will probably spend time on some tropical island, or perhaps just hang out in a drawer at Pacific … Continue reading

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Dr. Tseng launches me into the future.

God I love big boys with toys. And Dr. Tseng, the surgeon we interviewed today, has all the other boys with toys beat.  No mere cool black helicopter or Maserati for him.  He uses a robot, which you can see … Continue reading

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