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Strawberry Waffles

I know, most of you don’t give a rip about what I eat. But in Linda H’s last comment she said “Please post more food fantasies-turned realities as the weeks goes on. It helps us enjoy our food more!”. So … Continue reading

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I ate a hamburger!!!

I know, for you eating a hamburger is nothing.  An every day experience.  But for me it was a milestone. When I was being fed through a tube sticking into my neck, not taking any calories by mouth, hamburgers were … Continue reading

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Feed Me!

I was suddenly hungry. I haven’t been suddenly hungry in over ten months.  It was a full fledged low blood sugar attack. Light headed, wobbly knees, ravenous appetite. I stopped gardening and headed for the kitchen.  I actually scarfed food, … Continue reading

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A week in LaGrande.

We just got back from spending a week in our house in LaGrande.  This was the first time I’ve felt up to the trip in over ten months. It was a wonderful trip. It was difficult keeping my calories up … Continue reading

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