WHAT TO EXPECT: After a gastrectomy, less efficient digestion and a smaller holding capacity for any gas that is produced may lead to gas discomfort. This makes it uncomfortable and difficult to eat. It also leads to belching which is socially awkward but feels really good.

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Fortunately, gas build-up seems to improve with time as digestion improves and stomach capacity increases.


GasX: Gary’s surgeon recommended GasX before every meal. Today, with his improved digestion, Gary takes GasX only as needed to counteract discomfort.

Gary found swallowing GasX capsules to be distressing itself. The chewable form of GasX works better for him.

Walk around: Gary found that when gas buildup was uncomfortable during meals, he needed to get up and move around. This served the dual purpose of getting some digestive movement going and giving him a discrete place away from Anne to belch and release the gas. Anne is greatly relieved that the days of frequent loud belches are past!

Avoid foods that cause you problems: You may have been given a list of foods that produce gas. Do not automatically assume these foods will be problem, because they often aren’t.

Try different foods and pay attention to which ones cause you problems. Also keep in mind that just because a food causes you problems one time doesn’t mean it will always be a problem.

Continue to experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t.