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The End.

Just as all good thing must come to an end, so too must bad things. I have completed cancer treatment and by all measures things are going well. Presuming there are no nasty surprises lurking in the future, I am … Continue reading

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Wood Pile.

People keep saying I should post something to this blog, but there really isn’t much to say.  So I’m going to write about my wood pile. Every year we get a cord of wood which I stack into a neat … Continue reading

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Clarence is upset.

Clarence, one of my swimming buddies from the pool, is upset because I haven’t posted to this blog for awhile. I pointed out this was because everything was fine and there wasn’t anything to post about.  He wasn’t satisfied.  John … Continue reading

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Door Number Three!!!!!

Everyone knows the stories that involve three doors. The hero of the story is faced with three doors.  He gets whatever is behind one of the doors.  Two of the doors have something awful behind them, the third something wonderful. … Continue reading

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Looking pretty darned good, all things considered.

I’ve been grumbling a lot lately about how difficult things have been.  I figured I’d post this picture to show you I look in better shape than I sound. This is what I look like after not having had my … Continue reading

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Live Update – Hooked to a tube again.

Here I am again at the Knight Cancer Center (Pacific Oncology) attached to another IV drip. As you can see, it had to be plugged into my arm since there is no longer a port. I had the port removed … Continue reading

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I ate a hamburger!!!

I know, for you eating a hamburger is nothing.  An every day experience.  But for me it was a milestone. When I was being fed through a tube sticking into my neck, not taking any calories by mouth, hamburgers were … Continue reading

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