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Strawberry Waffles

I know, most of you don’t give a rip about what I eat. But in Linda H’s last comment she said “Please post more food fantasies-turned realities as the weeks goes on. It helps us enjoy our food more!”. So … Continue reading

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Feed Me!

I was suddenly hungry. I haven’t been suddenly hungry in over ten months.  It was a full fledged low blood sugar attack. Light headed, wobbly knees, ravenous appetite. I stopped gardening and headed for the kitchen.  I actually scarfed food, … Continue reading

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A week in LaGrande.

We just got back from spending a week in our house in LaGrande.  This was the first time I’ve felt up to the trip in over ten months. It was a wonderful trip. It was difficult keeping my calories up … Continue reading

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This week I was back to swimming 40 minutes a day. I didn’t have a picture of myself in my swim suit since I lost so much weight, but I look pretty much like the picture to the left. Oh, … Continue reading

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As I mentioned, I got hypnotized.  Every time I hear the word orinthophobia I have an uncontrollable urge to quack like a duck. Of course, I quacked like a duck every time I heard the word orinthophobia prior to getting … Continue reading

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Chained To A Chair.

I am probably the only person in Western Oregon not depressed by the record low temperatures and persistent rain. When you’re feeling crappy, sunshine just reminds you of all the fun things you could be doing if you had any … Continue reading

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