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Lorazapam Free!

John and Clarence, from the pool, have been hounding me, again, to post something on the blog. I keep telling them there isn’t anything to report and if they wanted to know how I’m doing they could just ask.  After … Continue reading

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A really good week.

I had a really good week. Admittedly, when most people say they had a good week their week didn’t include fatigue, retching, and vomiting.  But I live by a different standard. This week was good because I just overall felt … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs.

There have been some ups and downs recently, but I’m doing pretty good now. My energy level is up, digestion is OK, and I’ve got more of an ability to drink water than I’ve had in months. That is really … Continue reading

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Iron Man.

My last post on getting the IV iron infusion prompted Marcia to observe she was surprised I missed the obvious Iron Man reference. Embarrassing. None-the-less, I figure it is not too late. I’ll just pretend I was saving it for … Continue reading

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