I am a 80-year old male. In Nov. of 2011 I was 185 lb, 5’11”, but for the last several months was not feeling strong and was easily short of breath, tiring out easily.

In November of 2011 I admitted myself to the hospital for a check-up, and when the EGD showed that I had Stomach Cancer, I opted for surgery. On 30 November 2011, the doctor removed my entire stomach, my gallbladder, part of my esophagus and 30 lymph nodes. Of the 30, 23 were already infected with the Cancer (Adenocarcinoma) plus a strip of Omentum 40.0×9.5×1.2 cm.

Thankfully, only the nodes and stomach had cancer. He then attached my small intestines to my esophagus. I stayed 10 days in the hospital. I recovered nicely, even though I was having some trouble with what foods to eat and not eat. Even though I was having some mild diarrhea, on 9 Jan 2012 I started Chemo ( 5FU/Leucvorin ), 5 days then 3 weeks off and then another for the next 6 months. After the first round my mouth was so infected with mouth sores and my tongue so swollen that I was having a hard time eating and drinking and got so dehydrated I ended up in the hospital.

My GP had me tested and found that I had an infection that was causing the diarrhea. She gave me medications to help with this infection that was causing the diarrhea. The next time they gave me a lesser dose of Chemo and a nurse told me to suck on ice cubes while getting the Chemo to help with the mouth sores. That did help a lot, but again I ended up in the hospital as I needed blood transfusion, 2 units. I then told the doctor, no more Chemo, it was killing me.

I got my diarrhea in check, learned what foods to stay away from and what to eat. I have gained back some 11 lbs of my lost weight and now can eat almost anything I want. I am not back at 100% but doing much better.

Now I eat about 7 times a day, small meals and CHEW my food very much so as to let my mouth do the breaking down of the food that my stomach use to do, and drinking water with every bite. Needless to say I try to get as much protein as I can.

My wife makes me some fruit drinks (1 whole banana, overripe when possible, plus others with apples, pears, peaches, along with a whole scoop of protein power and lactaid free milk). (Changed to using Almond milk.) I drink about 16 oz a day of this, even at night time when I wake. I eat creamy peanut butter sandwiches in the mid day. Right now I eat any thing I want, just small amounts at a time.

A few months after I stop taking Chemo, the wife and I went on a 2+ months car trip around the US and Canada. I did most of the driving.

This past Christmas we took another trip from Louisiana to Houston to visit family, then on to San Antonio to visit with youngest daughter for several days before we headed north to Oklahoma to visit with my middle daughter and family (my 1st great grandchild was there), again for several days, then to Dallas to see my oldest daughter for a couple of days then back home.

I will be having more blood work and a CT Scan come the middle of April 2013. I do not rule out going back and trying Chemo again if or when a Scan comes in not clean. However, on 19 April 2012 CT Scan all clean, 15 Oct 2012 CT Scan all clean, and 15 March 2013 CT Scan all clean.

9 May 2013, started on a long holiday, drove to Dallas, stayed one night, then drove to Altus, Oklahoma, stayed one night, dropped off two Pieball Dotties then went on to Oklahoma City for Grandson’s wedding, stayed there 2 days then drove back to Dallas for one more night then next day hopped a plane for 6 weeks in Scotland. There walked and climbed many hills and stairs.

Had another clean CT Scan and also a follow-up DEG that was all clean.

Today, Nov 10th 2013, still doing just fine. I continue to stay positive and thank the Lord for every day.